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       EMF::GRAPHICSOBJECT - A global graphics object.


       #include <libemf.h>

       Inherits EMF::OBJECT.

       Inherited by EMF::BRUSH, EMF::EXTPEN, EMF::FONT, EMF::PALETTE, and EMF::PEN.

   Public Member Functions
       virtual ~GRAPHICSOBJECT ()
           GRAPHICSOBJECTs has a virtual destructor.
       virtual METARECORD * newEMR (HDC dc, HGDIOBJ handle)=0

   Data Fields
       std::map< HDC, HGDIOBJ > contexts

Detailed Description

       A global graphics object.

       Graphics objects have some additional properties: When an object is Select'ed into a
       device context, the handle for that context is added to the list of context's in which
       this object is used.

Member Function Documentation

   virtual METARECORD* EMF::GRAPHICSOBJECT::newEMR (HDC dc, HGDIOBJ handle) [pure virtual]
       Create a new metarecord which describes this object.

           dc the handle to the device context.
           handle (appears not to used. Note the handle is really assigned at serialization

       Implemented in EMF::PALETTE, EMF::FONT, EMF::BRUSH, EMF::EXTPEN, and EMF::PEN.

       Referenced by EMF::EMRCREATEPALETTE::execute().

Field Documentation

   std::map< HDC, HGDIOBJ > EMF::GRAPHICSOBJECT::contexts
       A set of all the contexts into which this object has been selected and the associated
       metafile handle for the object.

       Referenced by EMF::EMRCREATEPALETTE::execute().


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