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       Feed::Find - Syndication feed auto-discovery


           use Feed::Find;
           my @feeds = Feed::Find->find('');


       Feed::Find implements feed auto-discovery for finding syndication feeds, given a URI. It
       (currently) passes all of the auto-discovery tests at

       Feed::Find will discover the following feed formats:

       ·   RSS 0.91

       ·   RSS 1.0

       ·   RSS 2.0

       ·   Atom


       Given a URI $uri, use a variety of techniques to find the feeds associated with that page.
       If $uri itself points to a feed (i.e., if the Content-Type of the response is a recognized
       feed type), returns $uri.

       Returns a list of feed URIs.

       The following techniques are used:

       1. <link> tag auto-discovery
           If the page contains any <link> tags in the <head> section, these tags are examined
           for recognized feed content types. The following content types are treated as feeds:
           application/x.atom+xml, application/atom+xml, application/xml, text/xml,
           application/rss+xml, and application/rdf+xml.

       2. Scanning <a> tags
           If the page does not contain any known <link> tags, the page is then scanned for <a>
           tags for links to URIs with certain file extensions. The following extensions are
           treated as feeds: .rss, .xml, and .rdf.

           Note that this technique is employed only if the first technique returns no results.

   Feed::Find->find_in_html(\$html [, $base_uri ])
       Given a reference to a string $html containing an HTML page, uses the same techniques as
       described above in find to find the feeds associated with that page.

       If you know the URI of the page, you should provide it in $base_uri, so that relative
       links can be properly made absolute. Feed::Find will attempt to determine the correct base
       URI, but unless that URI is specified in the HTML itself (in a "<meta>" tag), you'll need
       to supply it yourself.

       Returns a list of feed URIs.


       Feed::Find is free software; you may redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms
       as Perl itself.


       Except where otherwise noted, Feed::Find is Copyright 2004 Benjamin Trott, All rights reserved.