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       File::ChangeNotify::Event - Class for file change events


       version 0.31


           my $watcher = File::ChangeNotify->instantiate_watcher(
               directories => [ '/my/path', '/my/other' ],
               filter      => qr/\.(?:pm|conf|yml)$/,
               exclude => [ 't', 'root', qr(/(?!\.)[^/]+$) ],

           for my $event ( $watcher->new_events ) {
               print $event->path, ' - ', $event->type, "\n";


       This class provides information about a change to a specific file or directory.


       This method creates a new event. It accepts the following arguments:

       ·   path => $path

           The full path to the file or directory that changed.

       ·   type => $type

           The type of event. This must be one of "create", "modify", "delete", or "unknown".

       Returns the path of the changed file or directory.

       Returns the type of event.

       This returns true for modify events which include information about a path's attribute

       If the event includes information about changes to a path's attributes, then this returns
       a two-element arrayref. Each element is in turn a hashref which will contain at least one
       of the following keys:

       ·   permissions

           The permissions mask for the path.

       ·   uid

           The user id that owns the path.

       ·   gid

           The group id that owns the path.

       Note that only keys which changed will be included.

       This returns true for modify events which include information about a file's content.

       This returns a two-element arrayref where the first element is the old content and the
       second is the new content.

       Note that this content is stored as bytes, not UTF-8. You will need to explicitly call
       "Encode::decode" on the content to make it UTF-8. This is done because there's no reason
       you couldn't use this feature with file's containing any sort of binary data.


       Bugs may be submitted at
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       The source code repository for File-ChangeNotify can be found at


       Dave Rolsky <>


       This software is Copyright (c) 2009 - 2019 by Dave Rolsky.

       This is free software, licensed under:

         The Artistic License 2.0 (GPL Compatible)

       The full text of the license can be found in the LICENSE file included with this