Provided by: libfilter-perl_1.59-2_amd64 bug


       Filter::Util::Exec - exec source filter


           use Filter::Util::Exec;


       This module is provides the interface to allow the creation of Source Filters which use a
       Unix coprocess.

       See Filter::exec, Filter::cpp and Filter::sh for examples of the use of this module.

       Note that the size of the buffers is limited to 32-bit.

       The function, "filter_add" installs a filter. It takes one parameter which should be a
       reference. The kind of reference used will dictate which of the two filter types will be

       If a CODE reference is used then a closure filter will be assumed.

       If a CODE reference is not used, a method filter will be assumed.  In a method filter, the
       reference can be used to store context information. The reference will be blessed into the
       package by "filter_add".

       See Filter::Util::Call for examples of using context information using both method filters
       and closure filters.


       Paul Marquess


       11th December 1995.