Provided by: libfinance-quote-perl_1.47-1_all bug


       Finance::Quote::LeRevenu - Obtain quotes from


           use Finance::Quote;

           $q = Finance::Quote->new;

           %info = Finance::Quote->fetch("LeRevenu","FR0000031122");  # Only query LeRevenu
           %info = Finance::Quote->fetch("france","ml"); # Failover to other sources OK.


       This module fetches information from the "Paris Stock Exchange", All stocks are available.

       This module is loaded by default on a Finance::Quote object. It's also possible to load it
       explicitly by placing "LeRevenu" in the argument list to Finance::Quote->new().

       This module provides both the "lerevenu" and "france" fetch methods.  Please use the
       "france" fetch method if you wish to have failover with future sources for French stocks.
       Using the "lerevenur" method will guarantee that your information only comes from the
       Paris Stock Exchange.

       Information obtained by this module may be covered by terms and
       conditions See for details.


       The following labels may be returned by Finance::Quote::LeRevenu : name, last, date,
       p_change, open, high, low, close, volume, currency, method, exchange.


       Le Revenu,