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       Finance::Quote::TSP - Obtain fund prices for US Federal Government Thrift Savings Plan


           use Finance::Quote;

           $q = Finance::Quote->new;

           %info = Finance::Quote->fetch("tsp","c"); #get value of C "Common Stock Index Investment" Fund


       This module fetches fund information from the "Thrift Savings Plan"


       using its fund prices page


       The quote symbols are

           C          common stock fund
           F          fixed income fund
           G          government securities fund
           I          international stock fund
           S          small cap stock fund
           L2020      lifecycle fund year 2020
           L2030      lifecycle fund year 2030
           L2040      lifecycle fund year 2040
           L2050      lifecycle fund year 2050
           LINCOME    lifecycle income fund


       The following labels may be returned by Finance::Quote::TSP :

           name        eg. "Common Stock Index Investment Fund"
           date        latest date, eg. "21/02/10"
           isodate     latest date, eg. "2010-02-21"
           last        latest price, eg. "16.1053"
           close       previous day's price
           nav         same as "last"
           currency    "USD"
           method      "tsp"

       "nav" is the same as "last" since the funds are quoted at their net asset value.


       Thrift Savings Plan,