Provided by: libgo-perl_0.15-7_all bug


         GO::IO::RDFXML - dump GO terms as xml


           my $apph = GO::AppHandle->connect(-d=>$go, -dbhost=>$dbhost);
           my $term = $apph->get_term({acc=>00003677});

           #### ">-" is STDOUT
           my $out = new FileHandle(">-");

           my $xml_out = GO::IO::XML->new(-output=>$out);


           my $apph = GO::AppHandle->connect(-d=>$go, -dbhost=>$dbhost);
           my $term = $apph->get_node_graph(-acc=>00003677, -depth=>2);
           my $out = new FileHandle(">-");

           my $xml_out = GO::IO::XML(-output=>$out);
           $xml_out->draw_node_graph($term, 3677);


       Utility class to dump GO terms as xml.  Currently you just call start_ducument, then
       draw_term for each term, then end_document.

       If there's a need I'll add draw_node_graph, draw_node_list, etc.

           Usage   - my $xml_out = GO::IO::XML->new(-output=>$out);
           Returns - None
           Args    - Output FileHandle

       Initializes the writer object.  To write to standard out, do:

       my $out = new FileHandle(">-"); my $xml_out = new GO::IO::XML(-output=>$out);

           Usage   - $xml_out->xml_header;
           Returns - None
           Args    - None

       start_document prints the "Content-type: text/xml" statement.  If creating a cgi script,
       you should call this before start_document.

           Usage   - $xml_out->start_document(-timestamp=>$time);
           Returns - None
           Args    - optional: timestamp string, pre-formatted

       start_ducument takes care of the fiddly bits like xml declarations, namespaces, etc.  It
       draws the initial tags and leaves the document ready to add go:term nodes.

           Usage   - $xml_out->end_document();

       Call this when done.

           Usage   - $xml_out->draw_node_graph(-graph=>$graph);
           Returns - None
           Args    -graph=>$node_graph,
                   -focus=>$acc,                      ## optional
                   -show_associations=>"yes" or "no"  ## optional

           Usage   - $xml_out->draw_term();
           Returns - None
           Args    -term=>$term,
                   -is_focus=>"yes" or "no",    ## optional
                   -show_associations=>"yes" or "no",    ## optional
                   -show_terms=>"yes" or "no",    ## optional, just draws associations

       sub characters

         This is simply a wrapper to XML::Writer->characters
         which strips out any non-ascii characters.

       sub dataElement

         This is simply a wrapper to XML::Writer->dataElement
         which strips out any non-ascii characters.