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       Geo::Surface - A surface description.


          is a Geo::Shape


        my $island = Geo::Surface->new($outer, $lake1, $lake2);


       In this context, a "surface" is defined as a single filled area with possible enclosures
       in one projection system.

       Extends "DESCRIPTION" in Geo::Shape.


       Extends "METHODS" in Geo::Shape.

       Extends "Constructors" in Geo::Shape.

       $obj->new( <$surface | <$outer,$inner,...> >, %options )
       Geo::Surface->new( <$surface | <$outer,$inner,...> >, %options )
           When called as instance method, some defaults are copied from the object where the
           call is made upon.

           You may either provide a Math::Polygon::Surface $surface, or a LIST of lines.  In the
           latter case, the first line is the $outer polygon of the surface, and the other are
           all $inner enclosures: lakes.  Lines are and Geo::Line, Math::Polygon objects, or
           ARRAY of points.

           If no projection is specified, then the projection of the first Geo-encoded line will
           be used.

            -Option--Defined in--Default
             proj    Geo::Shape  see Geo::Proj::defaultProjection()

           proj => LABEL

       Extends "Attributes" in Geo::Shape.

           Returns a LIST of enclosed polygons, converted to Geo::Line objects.

           Returns the outer polygon as Geo::Line object.

           Returns a LIST of enclosed Math::Polygon objects.

           Returns the outer Math::Polygon.

           Inherited, see "Attributes" in Geo::Shape

           Inherited, see "Attributes" in Geo::Shape

       Extends "Projections" in Geo::Shape.

       $obj->in( <$label|'utm'> )
           Inherited, see "Projections" in Geo::Shape

       $obj->projectOn($nick, @points)
           Inherited, see "Projections" in Geo::Shape

       Extends "Geometry" in Geo::Shape.

           Returns the area enclosed by the outer polygon, minus the erea of the enclosures.
           Only useful when the points are in some orthogonal projection.

           The bounding box of outer surface polygon.

           Inherited, see "Geometry" in Geo::Shape

       $obj->bboxRing( [$xmin, $ymin, $xmax, $ymax, [$proj]] )
       Geo::Surface->bboxRing( [$xmin, $ymin, $xmax, $ymax, [$proj]] )
           Inherited, see "Geometry" in Geo::Shape

       $obj->distance( $object, [$unit] )
           Inherited, see "Geometry" in Geo::Shape

           The length of the outer polygon. Only useful in a orthogonal coordinate systems.

       Extends "Display" in Geo::Shape.

       $obj->deg2dm($degrees, $pos, $neg)
       Geo::Surface->deg2dm($degrees, $pos, $neg)
           Inherited, see "Display" in Geo::Shape

       $obj->deg2dms($degrees, $pos, $neg)
       Geo::Surface->deg2dms($degrees, $pos, $neg)
           Inherited, see "Display" in Geo::Shape

           Inherited, see "Display" in Geo::Shape

       $obj->toString( [$projection] )
           Returns a string representation of the line, which is also used for stringification.


       Extends "OVERLOAD" in Geo::Shape.

       overload: '""' (stringification)
           Inherited, see "OVERLOAD" in Geo::Shape

       overload: 'bool' (truth value)
           Inherited, see "OVERLOAD" in Geo::Shape


       Warning: Geo::Line is should be filled
           When Geo::Line objects are used to compose a surface, each of them must be filled.
           Representation of rivers and such do not belong in a surface description.

       Error: distance calculation not implemented between a $kind and a $kind
           Only a subset of all objects can be used in the distance calculation.  The limitation
           is purely caused by lack of time to implement this.

       Error: in() not implemented for a $class
       Error: not known what to do with $component


       This module is part of Geo-Point distribution version 0.98, built on February 01, 2019.


       Copyrights 2005-2019 by [Mark Overmeer]. For other contributors see ChangeLog.

       This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same
       terms as Perl itself.  See