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       HTML::FormHandler::Field::Checkbox - a checkbox field type


       version 0.40068


       This field is very similar to the Boolean Widget except that this field allows other
       positive values besides 1. Since unselected checkboxes do not return a parameter, fields
       with Checkbox type will always be set to the 'input_without_param' default if they do not
       appear in the form.


       In order to create the HTML for a checkbox, there must be a 'value="xx"'.  This value is
       specified with the 'checkbox_value' attribute, which defaults to 1.

       If the checkbox is not checked, it will be set to the value of this attribute (the
       unchecked value). Default = 0. Because unchecked checkboxes do not return anything in the
       HTTP parameters, the absence of a checkbox key in the parameters hash forces this field to
       this value. This means that Checkbox fields, unlike other fields, will not be ignored if
       there is no input. If a particular checkbox should not be processed for a particular form,
       you must set 'inactive' to 1 instead.

       Note that a checkbox is only 'checked' when the 'checkbox_value' is provided. The 'value'
       for a non-checked checkbox is only really useful for creating form values such as are
       stored in a database.


       FormHandler Contributors - see HTML::FormHandler


       This software is copyright (c) 2017 by Gerda Shank.

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       the Perl 5 programming language system itself.