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       HTML::Mason::ComponentSource - represents information about an component


           my $info = $resolver->get_info($comp_path);


       Mason uses the ComponentSource class to store information about a source component, one
       that has yet to be compiled.


       new This method takes the following arguments:

           ·   comp_path

               The component's component path.

           ·   last_modified

               This is the last modification time for the component, in Unix time (seconds since
               the epoch).

           ·   comp_id

               This is a unique id for the component used to distinguish two components with the
               same name in different component roots.

               If your resolver does not support multiple component roots, this can simply be the
               same as the "comp_path" key or it can be any other id you wish.

               This value will be used when constructing filesystem paths so it needs to be
               something that works on different filesystems.  If it contains forward slashes,
               these will be converted to the appropriate filesystem-specific path separator.

               In fact, we encourage you to make sure that your component ids have some forward
               slashes in them or also all of your generated object files will end up in a single
               directory, which could affect performance.

           ·   comp_class

               The component class into which this particular component should be blessed when it
               is created.  This must be a subclass of "HTML::Mason::Component", which is the

           ·   friendly_name

               This is used when displaying error messages related to the component, like parsing
               errors.  This should be something that will help whoever sees the message identify
               the component.  For example, for component stored on the filesystem, this should
               be the absolute path to the component.

           ·   source_callback

               This is a subroutine reference which, when called, returns the component source.

               The reasoning behind using this parameter is that it helps avoid a profusion of
               tiny little "HTML::Mason::ComponentSource" subclasses that don't do very much.

           ·   extra

               This optional parameter should be a hash reference.  It is used to pass
               information from the resolver to the component class.

               This is needed since a "HTML::Mason::Resolver" subclass and a
               "HTML::Mason::Component" subclass can be rather tightly coupled, but they must
               communicate with each through the interpreter (this may change in the future).

           These are all simple accessors that return the value given to the constructor.

           Returns the source of the component.

       object_code ( compiler => $compiler )
           Given a compiler, this method returns the object code for the component.

       HTML::Mason, HTML::Mason::Admin, HTML::Mason::Component