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       HTML::Mason::Resolver - Component path resolver base class


         # make a subclass and use it


       The resolver is responsible for translating a component path like /foo/index.html into a
       component.  By default, Mason expects components to be stored on the filesystem, and uses
       the HTML::Mason::Resolver::File class to get information on these components.

       The HTML::Mason::Resolver provides a virtual parent class from which all resolver
       implementations should inherit.


       This class is used by most of the Mason object's to manage constructor parameters and has-
       a relationships with other objects.

       See the documentation on this class for details on how to declare what parameters are
       valid for your subclass's constructor.

       HTML::Mason::Resolver is a subclass of Class::Container so you do not need to subclass it


       If you are interested in creating a resolver subclass, you must implement the following

       new This method is optional.  The new method included in this class is simply inherited
           from "Class::Container".  If you need something more complicated done in your new
           method you will need to override it in your subclass.

           Takes three arguments: an absolute component path, a component root key, and a
           component root path. Returns a new HTML::Mason::ComponentSource object.

           Takes two arguments: a path glob pattern, something like "/foo/*" or "/foo/*/bar", and
           a component root path. Returns a list of component paths for components which match
           this glob pattern.

           For example, the filesystem resolver simply appends this pattern to the component root
           path and calls the Perl "glob()" function to find matching files on the filesystem.

   Using a Resolver with HTML::Mason::ApacheHandler
       If you are creating a new resolver that you intend to use with the
       HTML::Mason::ApacheHandler module, then you must implement the following method as well.

       apache_request_to_comp_path ($r, @comp_root_array)
           This method, given an Apache object and a list of component root pairs, should return
           a component path or undef if none exists.  This method is used by the
           HTML::Mason::ApacheHandler class to translate web requests into component paths.  You
           can omit this method if your resolver subclass will never be used in conjunction with