Provided by: libhtml-template-compiled-perl_1.003-1_all bug


       HTML::Template::Compiled::Lazy - Lazy Loading for HTML::Template::Compiled


           use HTML::Template::Compiled::Lazy;
           my $htcl = HTML::Template::Compiled::Lazy->new(
               # usual parameters for HTML::Template::Compiled
           # file wasn't compiled yet
           print $htcl->output; # now compile and output!


       This class does not compile templates before calling "output()".  This includes
       "TMPL_INCLUDE"s. This can be useful in CGI environments.  If your template has got a lot
       of includes HTML::Template::Compiled will compile all of them, even if they aren't needed
       because they are never reached (in a "TMPL_IF", for example).

       HTML::Template::Compiled::Lazy also won't complain if the file does not exist - it will
       complain when you call "output()", though.