Provided by: libhtml-widgets-navmenu-perl_1.0703-1_all bug


       HTML::Widgets::NavMenu::Iterator::NavMenu - navmenu iterator.


       For internal use only.


   $self->gen_ul_tag({depth => $depth});
       Generate a UL tag of depth $depth.

   get_currently_active_text ( $node )
       Calculates the highlighted text for the node $node. Normally surrounds it with "<b> ...
       </b>" tags.

       Gets the tag for the link - an item in the menu.

   my @tags = $self->get_open_sub_menu_tags()
       Gets the tags to open a new sub menu.

       Retrieves the current role.

perl v5.20.2                                2015-07HTML::Widgets::NavMenu::Iterator::NavMenu(3pm)