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       Image::ExifTool::Fixup - Utility to handle pointer fixups


           use Image::ExifTool::Fixup;

           $fixup = new Image::ExifTool::Fixup;

           # add a new fixup to a pointer at the specified offset in data

           # add a new Fixup object to the tree

           $fixup->{Start} += $shift1;   # shift pointer offsets and values

           $fixup->{Shift} += $shift2;   # shift pointer values only

           # recursively apply fixups to the specified data

           $fixup->Dump();               # dump debugging information

           $fixup->IsEmpty();            # return true if no offsets to fix


       This module contains the code to keep track of pointers in memory and to shift these
       pointers as required.  It is used by ExifTool to maintain the pointers in image file
       directories (IFD's).


       Keeps track of pointers with different byte ordering, and relies on
       Image::ExifTool::GetByteOrder() to determine the current byte ordering when adding new
       pointers to a fixup.

       Maintains a hierarchical list of fixups so that the whole hierarchy can be shifted by a
       simple shift at the base.  Hierarchy is collapsed to a linear list when ApplyFixups() is


       Copyright 2003-2018, Phil Harvey (phil at

       This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same
       terms as Perl itself.