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       Inline-Support - Support Information for and related modules.


       This document contains all of the latest support information for "" and the
       recognized Inline Language Support Modules (ILSMs) available on CPAN.


       The most important language that Inline supports is "C". That is because Perl itself is
       written in "C". By giving a your Perl scripts access to "C", you in effect give them
       access to the entire glorious internals of Perl. (Caveat scriptor :-)

       As of this writing, Inline also supports:

       ·   C++

       ·   Java

       ·   Python

       ·   Tcl

       ·   Assembly

       ·   CPR

       ·   And even Inline::Foo! :)

       Projects that I would most like to see happen in the year 2001 are:

       ·   Fortran

       ·   Ruby

       ·   Lisp

       ·   Guile

       ·   Bash

       ·   Perl4


       "Inline::C" should work anywhere that CPAN extension modules (those that use XS) can be
       installed, using the typical install format of:

           perl Makefile.PL
           make test
           make install

       It has been tested on many Unix and Windows variants.

       NOTE: "Inline::C" requires Perl 5.005 or higher because "Parse::RecDescent" requires it.
       (Something to do with the "qr" operator)

       Inline has been successfully tested at one time or another on the following platforms:

       ·   Linux

       ·   Solaris

       ·   SunOS

       ·   HPUX

       ·   AIX

       ·   FreeBSD

       ·   OpenBSD

       ·   BeOS

       ·   OS X

       ·   WinNT

       ·   Win2K

       ·   WinME

       ·   Win98

       ·   Cygwin

       The Microsoft tests deserve a little more explanation. I used the following:

       ·   Windows NT 4.0 (service pack 6)

       ·   Perl 5.005_03 (ActiveState build 522)

       ·   MS Visual C++ 6.0

       ·   The "nmake" make utility (distributed w/ Visual C++)

       "Inline::C" pulls all of its base configuration (including which "make" utility to use)
       from "". Since your MSWin32 version of Perl probably came from ActiveState (as a
       binary distribution) the "" will indicate that "nmake" is the system's "make"
       utility. That is because ActiveState uses Visual C++ to compile Perl.

       To install "" (or any other CPAN module) on MSWin32 w/ Visual C++, use these:

           perl Makefile.PL
           nmake test
           nmake install

       Inline has also been made to work with Mingw32/gcc on all Windows platforms.  This is a
       free compiler for Windows. You must also use a perl built with that compiler.

       The "Cygwin" test was done on a Windows 98 machine using the Cygwin Unix/Win32 porting
       layer software from Cygnus. The "perl" binary on this machine was also compiled using the
       Cygwin tool set ("gcc"). This software is freely available from

       If you get Inline to work on a new platform, please send me email email. If it doesn't
       work, let me know as well and I'll see what can be done.


       For general information about Inline see Inline.

       For information about using Inline with C see Inline::C.

       For sample programs using Inline with C see Inline::C-Cookbook.

       For information on writing your own Inline Language Support Module, see Inline-API.

       Inline's mailing list is

       To subscribe, send email to


       ingy döt Net <>


       Copyright 2000-2019. Ingy döt Net.

       Copyright 2008, 2010, 2011. Sisyphus.

       This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same
       terms as Perl itself.

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