Provided by: libixp-dev_0.6~20121202+hg148-2build1_amd64 bug




       #include <ixp.h>

       typedef struct IxpFid IxpFid;
       struct IxpFid {
               char*           uid;    /* The uid of the file opener. */
               void*           aux;    /* Arbitrary pointer, to be used by handlers. */
               uint32_t                fid;    /* The ID number of the fid. */
               IxpQid          qid;    /* The filesystem-unique QID of the file. */
               signed char     omode;  /* The open mode of the file. */
               uint            iounit; /* The maximum size of any IO request. */

               /* Private members */


       Represents  an  open  file for a 9P connection. The same structure persists as long as the
       file remains open, and is installed in the Ixp9Req(3)  structure  for  any  request  Fcall
       which  references it. Handlers may use the aux member to store any data which must persist
       for the life of the open file.


       Ixp9Req(3), IxpQid(3), IxpOMode(3)