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       Lucy::Docs::Tutorial::FieldType - Specify per-field properties and behaviors.


       The Schema we used in the last chapter specifies three fields:

           my $type = Lucy::Plan::FullTextType->new(
               analyzer => $polyanalyzer,
           $schema->spec_field( name => 'title',   type => $type );
           $schema->spec_field( name => 'content', type => $type );
           $schema->spec_field( name => 'url',     type => $type );

       Since they are all defined as "full text" fields, they are all searchable -- including the
       "url" field, a dubious choice.  Some URLs contain meaningful information, but these don't,


       We may as well not bother indexing the URL content.  To achieve that we need to assign the
       "url" field to a different FieldType.

       Instead of FullTextType, we'll use a StringType, which doesn't use an Analyzer to break up
       text into individual fields.  Furthermore, we'll mark this StringType as unindexed, so
       that its content won't be searchable at all.

           my $url_type = Lucy::Plan::StringType->new( indexed => 0 );
           $schema->spec_field( name => 'url', type => $url_type );

       To observe the change in behavior, try searching for "us_constitution" both before and
       after changing the Schema and re-indexing.

   Toggling 'stored'
       For a taste of other FieldType possibilities, try turning off "stored" for one or more

           my $content_type = Lucy::Plan::FullTextType->new(
               analyzer => $polyanalyzer,
               stored   => 0,

       Turning off "stored" for either "title" or "url" mangles our results page, but since we're
       not displaying "content", turning it off for "content" has no effect -- except on index

   Analyzers up next
       Analyzers play a crucial role in the behavior of FullTextType fields.  In our next
       tutorial chapter, Lucy::Docs::Tutorial::Analysis, we'll see how changing up the Analyzer
       changes search results.