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       Members - members and senders accounting


       #include <iqueue.h>

       Inherited by MembershipBookkeeping [private].

   Public Member Functions
       void setMembersCount (uint32 n)
       void increaseMembersCount ()
       void decreaseMembersCount ()
       uint32 getMembersCount () const
       void setSendersCount (uint32 n)
       void increaseSendersCount ()
       void decreaseSendersCount ()
       uint32 getSendersCount () const

   Protected Member Functions
       Members ()
       virtual ~Members ()

Detailed Description

       members and senders accounting

       Records the number of members as well as active senders. For now, it is too simple.

           Federico Montesino Pouzols

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

   Members::Members () [inline],  [protected]
   virtual Members::~Members () [inline],  [protected],  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

   void Members::decreaseMembersCount () [inline]
   void Members::decreaseSendersCount () [inline]
   uint32 Members::getMembersCount () const [inline]
   uint32 Members::getSendersCount () const [inline]
   void Members::increaseMembersCount () [inline]
   void Members::increaseSendersCount () [inline]
   void Members::setMembersCount (uint32 n) [inline]
   void Members::setSendersCount (uint32 n) [inline]


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