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       SyncSourceHandler - SyncSource objects modification methods.


       #include <iqueue.h>

       Inherited by MembershipBookkeeping.

   Public Member Functions
       void * getLink (const SyncSource &source) const
           This requires SyncSource - SyncSourceHandler friendship.
       void setLink (SyncSource &source, void *link)
       void setParticipant (SyncSource &source, Participant &p)
       void setState (SyncSource &source, SyncSource::State ns)
       void setSender (SyncSource &source, bool active)
       void setDataTransportPort (SyncSource &source, tpport_t p)
       void setControlTransportPort (SyncSource &source, tpport_t p)
       void setNetworkAddress (SyncSource &source, InetAddress addr)

   Protected Member Functions
       SyncSourceHandler ()
       virtual ~SyncSourceHandler ()

Detailed Description

       SyncSource objects modification methods.

           Federico Montesino Pouzols

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

   SyncSourceHandler::SyncSourceHandler () [inline],  [protected]
   virtual SyncSourceHandler::~SyncSourceHandler () [inline],  [protected],  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

   void* SyncSourceHandler::getLink (const SyncSource & source) const [inline]
       This requires SyncSource - SyncSourceHandler friendship. Get the SyncSourceLink
       corresponding to a SyncSource object.

   void SyncSourceHandler::setControlTransportPort (SyncSource & source, tpport_t p) [inline]
   void SyncSourceHandler::setDataTransportPort (SyncSource & source, tpport_t p) [inline]
   void SyncSourceHandler::setLink (SyncSource & source, void * link) [inline]
   void SyncSourceHandler::setNetworkAddress (SyncSource & source, InetAddress addr) [inline]
   void SyncSourceHandler::setParticipant (SyncSource & source, Participant & p) [inline]
   void SyncSourceHandler::setSender (SyncSource & source, bool active) [inline]
   void SyncSourceHandler::setState (SyncSource & source, SyncSource::State ns) [inline]


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