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       bson_validate_with_error - bson_validate_with_error()


          typedef enum {
             BSON_VALIDATE_NONE = 0,
             BSON_VALIDATE_UTF8 = (1 << 0),
             BSON_VALIDATE_DOLLAR_KEYS = (1 << 1),
             BSON_VALIDATE_DOT_KEYS = (1 << 2),
             BSON_VALIDATE_UTF8_ALLOW_NULL = (1 << 3),
             BSON_VALIDATE_EMPTY_KEYS = (1 << 4),
          } bson_validate_flags_t;

          bson_validate_with_error (const bson_t *bson,
                                    bson_validate_flags_t flags,
                                    bson_error_t *error);


       · bson: A bson_t.

       · flags: A bitwise-or of all desired validation flags.

       · error: Optional bson_error_t.


       Validates  a  BSON  document  by  walking through the document and inspecting the keys and
       values for valid content.

       You can modify how the validation occurs  through  the  use  of  the  flags  parameter.  A
       description of their effect is below.

       · BSON_VALIDATE_NONE Basic validation of BSON length and structure.

       · BSON_VALIDATE_UTF8 All keys and string values are checked for invalid UTF-8.

       · BSON_VALIDATE_UTF8_ALLOW_NULL String values are allowed to have embedded NULL bytes.

       · BSON_VALIDATE_DOLLAR_KEYS  Prohibit  keys  that  start  with  $  outside  of  a  "DBRef"

       · BSON_VALIDATE_DOT_KEYS Prohibit keys that contain . anywhere in the string.

       · BSON_VALIDATE_EMPTY_KEYS Prohibit zero-length keys.

       See also bson_validate().


       Returns true if bson is valid; otherwise false and error is filled out.

       The bson_error_t domain is set to BSON_ERROR_INVALID. Its  code  is  set  to  one  of  the
       bson_validate_flags_t  flags  indicating  which  validation  failed; for example, if a key
       contains invalid UTF-8, then the code is set  to  BSON_VALIDATE_UTF8,  but  if  the  basic
       structure  of  the  BSON  document  is corrupt, the code is set to BSON_VALIDATE_NONE. The
       error message is filled out, and gives more detail if possible.


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