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     dispatch — the dispatch framework


     #include <dispatch/dispatch.h>


     The dispatch framework allows blocks to be scheduled for asynchronous and concurrent
     execution via the core functions described in dispatch_async(3) and dispatch_apply(3).

     Dispatch queues are the basic units of organization of blocks. Several queues are created by
     default, and applications may create additional queues for their own use. See
     dispatch_queue_create(3) for more information.

     Dispatch groups allow applications to track the progress of blocks submitted to queues and
     take action when the blocks complete. See dispatch_group_create(3) for more information.

     The dispatch framework also provides functions to monitor underlying system events and
     automatically submit event handler blocks to dispatch queues.


     dispatch_after(3), dispatch_api(3), dispatch_apply(3), dispatch_async(3),
     dispatch_benchmark(3), dispatch_group_create(3), dispatch_object(3), dispatch_once(3),
     dispatch_queue_create(3), dispatch_semaphore_create(3), dispatch_source_create(3),