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       #include <eX_setup.h>

   Data Fields
       char random_file [1024]
       char dh_param [1024]
       char root_ca_cert [1024]
       eXosip_tls_credentials_t client
       eXosip_tls_credentials_t server

Detailed Description

       structure to describe the whole TLS-context for eXosip consists of a certificate, a
       corresponding private key and its password

Field Documentation

   char eXosip_tls_ctx_s::random_file[1024]
       absolute path to a file with random(!) data

   char eXosip_tls_ctx_s::dh_param[1024]
       absolute path to a file necessary for diffie hellman key exchange

   char eXosip_tls_ctx_s::root_ca_cert[1024]
       absolute path to the file with known rootCAs

   eXosip_tls_credentials_t eXosip_tls_ctx_s::client
       credential of the client

   eXosip_tls_credentials_t eXosip_tls_ctx_s::server
       credential of the server


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