Provided by: netatalk_2.2.6-3_amd64 bug


       nbp_name - NBP name parsing


       int nbp_name(char *name, char **obj, char **type, char **zone);


       nbp_name() parses user supplied names into their component object, type, and zone.  obj,
       type, and zone should be passed by reference, and should point to the caller´s default
       values.  nbp_name() will change the pointers to the parsed-out values.  name is of the
       form object:type@zone, where each of object, :type, and @zone replace obj, type, and zone,
       respectively.  type must be proceeded by `:´, and zone must be preceded by `@´.


       The argument of afpd(8)´s -n option is parsed with nbp_name(). The default value of obj is
       the first component of the machine´s hostname (as returned by gethostbyname(3)). The
       default value of type is ``AFPServer´´, and of zone is ``*´´, the default zone. To cause
       afpd to register itself in some zone other than the default, one would invoke it as

           afpd -n @some-other-zone

       obj and type would retain their default values.


       obj, type, and zone return pointers into static area which may be over-written on each