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       ost::Dir - A low level portable directory class.


       #include <file.h>

       Inherits ost::File.

   Public Member Functions
       Dir (const char *name=NULL)
       void open (const char *name)
       void close (void)
       virtual ~Dir ()
       const char * getName (void)
       const char * operator++ ()
       const char * operator++ (int)
       const char * operator* ()
       bool rewind (void)
       bool operator! ()
       bool isValid (void)

   Static Public Member Functions
       static bool create (const char *path, Attr attr=attrGroup)
       static bool remove (const char *path)
       static bool setPrefix (const char *path)
       static bool getPrefix (char *path, size_t size=256)

   Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

       A low level portable directory class.

       Used to support ccstd Directory container. This provides a basic mechanism for allocating
       and accessing file entries.

           David Sugar low level directory access class.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

   ost::Dir::Dir (const char * name = NULL)
   virtual ost::Dir::~Dir () [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

   void ost::Dir::close (void)
   static bool ost::Dir::create (const char * path, Attr attr = attrGroup) [static]
   const char* ost::Dir::getName (void)
   static bool ost::Dir::getPrefix (char * path, size_t size = 256) [static]
   bool ost::Dir::isValid (void)
   void ost::Dir::open (const char * name)
   bool ost::Dir::operator! () [inline]
       References INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE.

   const char* ost::Dir::operator* ()
   const char* ost::Dir::operator++ () [inline]
   const char* ost::Dir::operator++ (int) [inline]
   static bool ost::Dir::remove (const char * path) [static]
   bool ost::Dir::rewind (void)
   static bool ost::Dir::setPrefix (const char * path) [static]


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