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       rtcppkt.h - RTCP packets handling.


       #include <ccrtp/base.h>

       class RTCPCompoundHandler
           low level structs and RTCP packet parsing and building methods.
       struct RTCPCompoundHandler::ReceiverInfo
           Struct for the data contained in a receiver info block.
       struct RTCPCompoundHandler::RRBlock
           Struct for a receiver info block in a SR (sender report) or an RR (receiver report)
           RTCP packet.
       struct RTCPCompoundHandler::RecvReport
           raw structure of the source and every receiver report in an SR or RR RTCP packet.
       struct RTCPCompoundHandler::SenderInfo
           Struct for the sender info block in a SR (sender report) RTCP packet.
       struct RTCPCompoundHandler::SendReport
           Struct for SR (sender report) RTCP packets.
       struct RTCPCompoundHandler::SDESItem
           Struct for an item description of a SDES packet.
       struct RTCPCompoundHandler::SDESChunk
           Struct for a chunk of items in a SDES RTCP packet.
       struct RTCPCompoundHandler::BYEPacket
           Struct for BYE (leaving session) RTCP packets.
       struct RTCPCompoundHandler::APPPacket
           Struct for APP (application specific) RTCP packets.
       struct RTCPCompoundHandler::FIRPacket
           Struct for Full Intra-frame Request (FIR) RTCP packet.
       struct RTCPCompoundHandler::NACKPacket
           Struct for Negative ACKnowledgements (NACK) RTCP packet.
       struct RTCPCompoundHandler::RTCPFixedHeader
           Fixed RTCP packet header.
       struct RTCPCompoundHandler::RTCPPacket
           Struct representing general RTCP packet headers as they are sent through the network.
       class RTCPReceiverInfo
           Report block information of SR/RR RTCP reports.
       class RTCPSenderInfo
           Sender block information of SR RTCP reports.

       enum SDESItemType { SDESItemTypeEND = 0, SDESItemTypeCNAME, SDESItemTypeNAME,
           SDESItemTypeEMAIL, SDESItemTypePHONE, SDESItemTypeLOC, SDESItemTypeTOOL,
           SDESItemTypeNOTE, SDESItemTypePRIV, SDESItemTypeH323CADDR, SDESItemTypeLast =
           SDESItemTypeH323CADDR } SDES items that may be carried in a Source DEScription RTCP
           packet. "

       timeval NTP2Timeval (uint32 msw, uint32 lsw)
           Convert a NTP timestamp, expressed as two 32-bit long words, into a timeval value.
       uint32 timevalIntervalTo65536 (timeval &t)
           Convert a time interval, expressed as a timeval, into a 32-bit time interval expressed
           in units of 1/65536 seconds.

Detailed Description

       RTCP packets handling.


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