Provided by: libxpa-dev_2.1.18-4_amd64 bug


       XPAPoll -  execute existing XPA requests


         #include <xpa.h>

         int XPAPoll(int msec, int maxreq);


       It is sometimes desirable to implement a polling loop, i.e., where one checks for and
       processes XPA requests without blocking.  For this situation, use the XPAPoll() routine:

         XPAPoll(int msec, int maxreq);

       The XPAPoll() routine will perform XPAAddSelect() and select(), but with a timeout
       specified in millisecs by the msec argument. If one or more XPA requests are made before
       the timeout expires, the XPAProcessSelect() routine is called to process those requests.
       The maxreq value determines how many requests will be processed: if maxreq < 0, then no
       events are processed, but instead, the return value indicates the number of events that
       are pending.  If maxreq == 0, then all currently pending requests will be processed.
       Otherwise, up to maxreq requests will be processed.  (The most usual values for maxreq are
       0 to process all requests and 1 to process one request).


       See xpa(7) for a list of XPA help pages