Provided by: libzip-dev_1.5.1-0ubuntu1_amd64 bug


     zip_fopen, zip_fopen_index — open file in zip archive for reading


     libzip (-lzip)


     #include <zip.h>

     zip_file_t *
     zip_fopen(zip_t *archive, const char *fname, zip_flags_t flags);

     zip_file_t *
     zip_fopen_index(zip_t *archive, zip_uint64_t index, zip_flags_t flags);


     The zip_fopen() function opens the file name fname in archive.  The flags argument specifies
     how the name lookup should be done, according to the values are described in
     zip_name_locate(3).  Also, the following values may be or'ed to it.

           ZIP_FL_COMPRESSED  Read the compressed data.  Otherwise the data is uncompressed by

           ZIP_FL_UNCHANGED   Read the original data from the zip archive, ignoring any changes
                              made to the file.

     The zip_fopen_index() function opens the file at position index.

     If encrypted data is encountered, the functions call zip_fopen_encrypted(3) or
     zip_fopen_index_encrypted(3) respectively, using the default password set with


     Upon successful completion, a struct zip_file pointer is returned.  Otherwise, NULL is
     returned and the error code in archive is set to indicate the error.


     [ZIP_ER_CHANGED]   The file data has been changed.

                        The compression method used is not supported.

                        The encryption method used is not supported.

     [ZIP_ER_MEMORY]    Required memory could not be allocated.

     [ZIP_ER_NOPASSWD]  The file is encrypted, but no password has been provided.

     [ZIP_ER_READ]      A file read error occurred.

     [ZIP_ER_SEEK]      A file seek error occurred.

                        The provided password does not match the password used for encryption.
                        Note that some incorrect passwords are not detected by the check done by

     [ZIP_ER_ZLIB]      Initializing the zlib stream failed.

     The function zip_fopen() may also fail and set zip_err for any of the errors specified for
     the routine zip_name_locate(3).

     The function zip_fopen_index() may also fail with ZIP_ER_INVAL if index is invalid.


     libzip(3), zip_fclose(3), zip_fread(3), zip_fseek(3), zip_get_num_entries(3),
     zip_name_locate(3), zip_set_default_password(3)


     zip_fopen() and zip_fopen_index() were added in libzip 1.0.


     Dieter Baron <> and Thomas Klausner <>