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       srec_tektronix_extended - Tektronix Extended hexadecimal file format


       This  format  allows  binary  files  to  be  uploaded  and downloaded between two computer
       systems, typically between a computer system (such as a PC, Macintosh, or workstation) and
       an emulator or evaluation board for microcontrollers and microprocessors.

   The Lines
       Lines  always  start with a percent (%) character.  Each line consists of 5 fields.  These
       are the length field, the type field, the checksum, the address field  (including  address
       length), and the data field.

   The Fields
                            │% │ Length │ Type │ Checksum │ Address │ Data │
       Record Length
               The  record length field is a 2 character (1 byte) field that specifies the number
               of characters (not bytes) in the record, excluding the percent, the length  field,
               the type field and the checksum.

       Type    The  type  field  is a 1 character field that specifies whether the record is data
               (6) or termination (8).

               The checksum is an 2 character (1 byte) field that represents the sum of  all  the
               nibbles on the line, excluding the checksum.

       Address This  is  a  9  character  field.   The first character is the address size; it is
               always 8.  The remaining 8 chgaracters are the 4‐byte address that specifies where
               the data is to be loaded into memory.

       Data    The  data  field contains the executable code, memory‐loadable data or descriptive
               information to be transferred.

   Record Types
       6       A record containing data.  The data is placed at the address specified.

       8       A termination record.  The address field may optionally contain the address of the
               instruction to which control is passed.  There is no data field.

   Size Multiplier
       In  general,  binary data will expand in sized by approximately 2.5 times when represented
       with this format.


       Here is an example Tektronix extended file.  It contains the data “Hello, World[rq] to  be
       loaded at address 0x006B.


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