Provided by: i2p-router_0.9.41-2_all bug


       Eepget - I2P endirici


       eepget [options]URL


       Download  a  file  non-interactively  via HTTP. Transfers through both I2P and the regular
       Internet are supported.

       Eepget is able to cope with slow or unstable network connections; if  a  download  is  not
       successful  because  of  a network problem, it will keep retrying until the whole file has
       been retrieved (if the -n option is set).  If supported by the remote server, eepget  will
       instruct the server to continue the download from the point of interruption.



       Clearnet. Do not use a proxy. Same as -p :0 .

       -e etag

       Sets the etag value in the request headers.

       -h name=value

       Adds an arbitrary request header with the given name and value.

       -l lineLen

       Controls the progress display.  lineLen  is the length of one progress line in characters.
       The default is 40.

       -m markSize

       Controls the progress display.  markSize   is  the  number  of  bytes  one  '#'  character
       represents. The default is 1024.

       -n retries

       Specify the number of times to retry downloading if the download isn't successful. If this
       option is not specified, eepget will not retry.

       -o file

       Sets the output file to write to. If this option is not given, the output filename will be
       determined by the URL.

       -p proxy_host[:port]

       Specify  an  I2P  proxy server (eeproxy) to use. If the port is not specified, eepget will
       use 4444. If this option is not specified, eepget will use Specify  -c  or
       -p :0 to disable the eeproxy.

       -t seconds

       Sets the inactivity timeout. The default is 60 seconds.

       -u username

       Sets the username for proxy authorization, if required.

       -x password

       Sets the password for proxy authorization, if required. If a username is specified but not
       a password, EepGet will prompt for the password.


       eepget exits with status zero upon successful transfer and non-zero if there were problems
       with the download.


       Please enter a ticket on the I2P trac page ⟨⟩.


       i2prouter(1) curl(1) wget(1)

                                         26 Yanvar, 2017                                EEPGET(1)