Provided by: texlive-binaries_2019.20190605.51237-2build1_amd64 bug


       afm2tfm - convert Adobe font metrics to TeX font metrics


       PostScript  fonts  are  (or  should  be)  accompanied  by font metric files such as Times-
       Roman.afm, which describes the characteristics of the font  called  Times-Roman.   To  use
       such fonts with TeX, we need TFM files that contain similar information. This program does
       that conversion.

       For all the details, see the dvips manual (

FILES in the config directory used by dvips.


       dvips(1), tex(1), vptovf(1), fontinst(1), afm2pl(1), otftotfm(1)


       An option to add letterspacing to the virtual font was rejected by Knuth because it  would
       make the fi and fl ligatures break the normal rhythmic pattern.


       Tomas Rokicki and Donald E. Knuth.

       Maintained  in  TeX Live; please send bug reports or other correspondence to

                                         1 February 2016                               AFM2TFM(1)