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       alsatplg - ALSA Topology Compiler


       alsatplg <options> [command]


       alsatplg  (ALSA  Topology compiler) is a program to compile topology configuration file to
       the binary file for the kernel drivers.

       Current audio drivers typically hard code topology information in the driver sources: This
       tightly  couples  the  audio  driver  to the development board making it time consuming to
       modify a driver to work on a different devices. The driver is also tightly coupled to  the
       DSP  firmware version meaning extra care is needed to keep the driver and firmware version
       in sync.  New firmware features also mean driver updates.

       The ALSA topology project removes the need for re-writing  or  porting  audio  drivers  to
       different devices or different firmwares: Drivers have no hard coded topology data meaning
       a single driver can be used on different devices by updating the topology  data  from  the
       file  system. Firmware updates can be pushed without having to update the drivers. The new
       firmware just needs to include an updated topology file describing the update.


       Available options:

          -h, --help
                 this help

          -c, --compile FILE
                 source configuration file for the compilation

          -o, --output FILE
                 output binary file

          -v, --verbose LEVEL
                 set verbose level


       The master topology files for each supported sound card are in /usr/share/alsa/topology.

       For   example,   the   master   use   case   file   for   the   broadwell   card   is   in
       /usr/share/alsa/topology/broadwell/broadwell.conf,  this file describes the audio hardware
       for the driver.

       For  more  details  on  the  syntax  of  UCM  files,  see  the   alsa-lib   source   code:;a=blob;f=src/topology/parser.c


       ยท Topology Interface:


       None known.


       Jaroslav Kysela <>



                                            2018-10-09                                ALSATPLG(1)