Provided by: ams_2.1.2-1_amd64 bug


       ams - A software synthesizer modeled after modular patching synthesizers


       ams [OPTIONS]


       The  AlsaModularSynth  (AMS)  is  a  software  synthesizer designed after the great analog
       modular synths of the 1960s. It employs virtual control voltages (VC)  for  each  module's
       parameter  control,  using the the Moog synthesizer's 1V/oct logarithmic control scale for
       its oscillator and filter functions.

       Following the modular synth model AMS supplies the user with a variety of  sound-producing
       and  sound-processing  software  modules such as digital oscillators, filters, amplifiers,
       and DSP effects. These modules are linked  together  (patched)  to  create  complex  audio
       synthesis  networks.  These network patches can be played in realtime via MIDI or internal
       control structures, and they may be saved and reloaded at will.


       Runtime options for AMS are shown here with their default values in brackets.

       --jack    Enable JACK I/O

       --in <num>
                 Number of JACK input ports

       --out <num>
                 Number of JACK output ports

       --poly <num>
                 Polyphony [1]

       --periodsize <frames>
                 Period size [1024]

       --frag <num>
                 Number of fragments [2]

       --rate <samples/s>
                 Sample rate [44100]

       --edge <0...10>
                 VCO edge [1.0]

       --soundcard <plug>
                 Soundcard [plughw:0,0]

       --preset <file>
                 Preset file

       --presetpath <path>
                 Preset path

       --nogui   Start without GUI


       Numerous example patches can be found in /usr/share/ams or /usr/local/share/ams.

       Tutorial              documentation              is              available              at


       Please send bug reports or any other feedback to Matthias Nagorni <>


       AMS is written and maintained by Dr. Matthias Nagorni.


       Copyright and license information for AMS:

       AlsaModularSynth  by Matthias Nagorni (c) 2002-2003 SuSE AG Nuremberg.  Licensed under the
       GNU Public License.

                                          November 2003                       AlsaModularSynth(1)