Provided by: anc-api-tools_2017.12.29-0ubuntu1_all bug


       anc-run-instance - provisions new Cloud Servers that will run on the Atlantic.Net Cloud.


       anc-run-instance provisions new Cloud Servers that will run on the Atlantic.Net Cloud.


       anc-run-instance  Format=[json|xml]  PlanName=[Plan]  ImageId=[Image ID] ServerName=[your-
       server-name] vm_location=[Server Location] [enablebackup=[Y or N]]]  [cloneimage=[name  of
       server to clone]] [ServerQty=[amount]] [term=[term length]] [key_id=[ID of SSH key]]


       Format=[json|xml] - output format in either JSON or XML. Default is json

       PlanName=[Plan] - Determines the plan.

       ImageId=[Image ID] - An imageid taken from the anc-describe-images function.

       ServerName=[your-server-name]  -  A string of text that will describe your server and also
       sets the host name of your server.

       vm_location=[Server Location] - Determines the physical  location  where  your  server  is
       created.  Valid  values  can  be  determined  by  referencing  the location_code values as
       returned by the list-locations method.

       enablebackup=[Y or N] - Enables backup for the server if set to Y. If set  to  N,  backups
       will not be enabled for the server. Valid values are Y or N.

       cloneimage=[name  of  server to clone] - The name of the image you wish you use as a clone
       to create your new server(s). E.g. 503408-243434345. This name can be obtained by  calling
       list-instance  and  selecting the value of parameter vm_name. Please note this server that
       you would be choosing as a clone template would need to be "clonable"

       ServerQty=[amount] - The amount of servers requested to  be  provisioned.  Defaults  to  a
       value of 1.

       term=[term  length  ]  - The term you wish wish to select for your server(s). Valid values
       are on-demand, 1-year, 3-year. term defaults to a value of on-demand.  Note  that  if  you
       select  a 1-year or 3-year term you may receive a discount as specified on our website and
       you will not be able to remove your server until the term has ended.

       key_id=[ID of SSH key] - The ID of the SSH Key you wish to embed in  your  new  server(s).
       E.g.  yt9p4y64f7dem3e.  This  ID can be obtained by calling list-sshkeys and selecting the
       value of parameter key_id.



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