Provided by: ants_2.2.0-1ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       antsTransformInfo - part of ANTS registration suite


       Transform   file:   --help  HDF5-DIAG:  Error  detected  in  HDF5  (1.10.0-patch1)  thread

              #000: ../../../src/H5F.c line 410 in H5Fis_hdf5(): unable open file

              major: File accessibilty minor: Not an HDF5 file

              #001: ../../../src/H5Fint.c line 529 in H5F_is_hdf5(): unable to open file

              major: Low-level I/O minor: Unable to initialize object

              #002: ../../../src/H5FD.c line 812 in H5FD_open(): open failed

              major: Virtual File Layer minor: Unable to initialize object

              #003: ../../../src/H5FDsec2.c line 348 in H5FD_sec2_open(): unable  to  open  file:
              name = '--help', errno = 2, error message = 'No such file or directory', flags = 0,
              o_flags = 0

              major: File accessibilty minor: Unable to open file

       terminate called after throwing an instance of 'itk::ExceptionObject'


       itk::ERROR:  TransformFileReaderTemplate(0x563f51b35ae0):  Could  not  create Transform IO
       object for reading file --help

       File does not exists!
              Tried to create one of the following:

              HDF5TransformIOTemplate      HDF5TransformIOTemplate      MatlabTransformIOTemplate
              MatlabTransformIOTemplate TxtTransformIOTemplate TxtTransformIOTemplate

              You probably failed to set a file suffix, or

              set the suffix to an unsupported type.