Provided by: aoflagger_2.14.0-2_amd64 bug


       AOFlagger - execute an RFI strategy on one or several observations


       aoflagger [options] <obs1> [<obs2> [..]]


       This  program will execute an RFI strategy as can be created with the RFI gui and executes
       it on one or several observations.  This tool supports at least the Casa measurement  set,
       the SDFITS and Filterbank formats. See the documentation for support of other file types.

       The old name of this program is rficonsole.


       -v     produce verbose output

       -j     overrides  the number of threads specified in the strategy (default: one thread for
              each CPU core)

              specifies a possible customized strategy

              perform the slowest IO but will always work.

              reorder the measurement set before starting, which is normally faster but  requires
              free disk space to reorder the data to.

              read  the  entire measurement set in memory. This is the fastest, but requires much

              select either memory or direct mode based on available memory (default).

              skip an ms if it has already been processed by AOFlagger according to  its  HISTORY

       -uvw   reads uvw values (some exotic strategies require these)

       -column <name>
              specify column to flag

       -bands <list>
              comma separated list of (zero-indexed) band ids to process

       -fields <list>
              comma separated list of (zero-indexed) field ids to process


       André Offringa <>