Provided by: apertium-apy_0.11.4-2_all bug


       apertium-apy - API server for machine translation and language analysis.


       apertium-apy [ pairs_path ] path to Apertium installed pairs (all modes files in this path
       are included).


       -h, --help
              Show this help message and exit.

       -s NONPAIRS_PATH, --nonpairs-path NONPAIRS_PATH
              Path to Apertium tree (only non-translator  debug  modes  are  included  from  this

       -l LANG_NAMES, --lang-names LANG_NAMES
              Path to localised language names sqlite database (default = langNames.db)

       -f MISSING_FREQS, --missing-freqs MISSING_FREQS
              Path to missing word frequency sqlite database (default = None)

       -p PORT, --port PORT
              Port to run server on (default = 2737)

       -c SSL_CERT, --ssl-cert SSL_CERT
              Path to SSL Certificate

       -k SSL_KEY, --ssl-key SSL_KEY
              Path to SSL Key File

       -t TIMEOUT, --timeout TIMEOUT
              Timeout for requests (default = 10)

       -j NUM_PROCESSES, --num-processes NUM_PROCESSES
              Number  of  processes  to  run (default = 1; use 0 to run one http server per core,
              where each http server runs all available language pairs)

       -d, --daemon
              Daemon mode: redirects stdout and stderr to files  apertium-apy.log  and  apertium-
              apy.err; use with --log-path

       -P LOG_PATH, --log-path LOG_PATH
              Path to log output files to in daemon mode; defaults to local directory

       -i MAX_PIPES_PER_PAIR, --max-pipes-per-pair MAX_PIPES_PER_PAIR
              How many pipelines we can spin up per language pair (default = 1)

       -n MIN_PIPES_PER_PAIR, --min-pipes-per-pair MIN_PIPES_PER_PAIR
              When  shutting  down  pipelines,  keep  at  least  this many open per language pair
              (default = 0)

       -u MAX_USERS_PER_PIPE, --max-users-per-pipe MAX_USERS_PER_PIPE
              How many concurrent requests per pipeline before we consider spinning up a new  one
              (default = 5)

       -m MAX_IDLE_SECS, --max-idle-secs MAX_IDLE_SECS
              If specified, shut down pipelines that have not been used in this many seconds

       -r RESTART_PIPE_AFTER, --restart-pipe-after RESTART_PIPE_AFTER
              Restart a pipeline if it has had this many requests (default = 1000)

       -v VERBOSITY, --verbosity VERBOSITY
              Logging verbosity.

       -V, --version
              Show APY version and exit.

       -S, --scalemt-logs
              Generates ScaleMT-like logs; use with --log-path; disables

       -M UNKNOWN_MEMORY_LIMIT, --unknown-memory-limit UNKNOWN_MEMORY_LIMIT
              Keeps  unknown  words  in memory until a limit is reached; use with --missing-freqs
              (default = 1000)

       -T STAT_PERIOD_MAX_AGE, --stat-period-max-age STAT_PERIOD_MAX_AGE
              How many seconds back to keep track request timing stats (default = 3600)

       -wp WIKI_PASSWORD, --wiki-password WIKI_PASSWORD
              Apertium Wiki account password for SuggestionHandler

       -wu WIKI_USERNAME, --wiki-username WIKI_USERNAME
              Apertium Wiki account username for SuggestionHandler

       -b, --bypass-token
              ReCAPTCHA bypass token

       -rs RECAPTCHA_SECRET, --recaptcha-secret RECAPTCHA_SECRET
              ReCAPTCHA secret for suggestion validation.

       -md MAX_DOC_PIPES, --max-doc-pipes MAX_DOC_PIPES
              How many concurrent document translation pipelines we allow (default = 3)

       -C CONFIG, --config CONFIG
              Configuration file to load options from.

       -ak API_KEYS, --api-keys API_KEYS
              Configuration file to load API keys.



                                            2018-11-08                            apertium-apy(1)