Provided by: bikeshed_1.78-0ubuntu1_all bug


       apply-patch  -  apply  a  patch against the current directory, automatically detecting the
       patch strip level


       apply-patch PATCHFILE|URL


       apply-patch is a simply wrapper for the patch(1) utility.  It has two usability advantages
       over using patch(1) alone, in the simple case of applying a patch:

        1) it automatically detects the patch strip level (the -p parameter to patch(1))

        2) it takes the patch file in as a parameter, rather than as a stream on STDIN

       Note  that  PATCHFILE  can  also  be an http or https URL, if you have the wget(1) utility


       patch(1), wget(1)


       This manpage and the utility was written  by  Dustin  Kirkland  <>  for
       Ubuntu  systems  (but  may  be used by others).  Permission is granted to copy, distribute
       and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU General Public License,  Version  3
       published by the Free Software Foundation.

       On  Debian  systems,  the  complete text of the GNU General Public License can be found in
       /usr/share/common-licenses/GPL, or on the web at