Provided by: arden_1.0-4_all bug


       arden-create - generate an artificial reference genome (AR) from a given input


       arden-create [options] [OUTPUTFOLDER] [INPUT FASTA]...


       Script to generate an artificial reference genome (AR) from a given input. The AR fulfills
       the following conditions by default settings:

       1   has a nucleotide distribution equal to the input genome

       2   has an amino acid (aa) distribution equal to the input genome

       3   keeps the aa neighborhood similar to the neighborhood in input genome

       4   protects start and stop codons from mutations


       Required Arguments:

              complete path to output destination folder

              Single sequence Fasta file.

              show program's version number and exit

       -h, --help
              show this help message and exit

       -d DISTANCE, --distance=DISTANCE
              distance between 2 mutations on DNA level. The minimum distance will then  be  d-3.
              [default: 15]

       -o ORF, --orf=ORF
              1-  protect  ORF  structure  from  mutations.   0 - allow mutations in start / stop
              codon [default: 1]

       -r REVSUB, --revsub=REVSUB
              1 - reverse substitution if no suitable counterpart was found (balanced  mutation).
              0 - keep the unbalanced mutations.[default: 1]

       -m RANDOM, --random=RANDOM
              1/0 variable. 1 - shuffled starting positions for the

              mutations. 0 - linear mutation [default: 1]

       -s SORF, --saveorfs=SORF
              Save found start and stop codons in a pickle file (can be loaded if the input fasta
              is used again if a filename is specified). [default: ]

       -l LORF, --loadorfs=LORF
              Specify filename to  a  previously  created  pickle  file  (contains  positions  of
              start/stop codons) [default: ]

       -n NAME, --name=NAME
              Specify name which will be used as header. [default: ]

       -p PEXAMPLES, --pexamples=PEXAMPLES
              set to 1 if you want to print examples