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       autopkgtest-build-qemu  -  Create autopkgtest virtual machine images for autopkgtest-virt-


       autopkgtest-build-qemu RELEASE IMAGE [MIRROR] [ARCHITECTURE] [SCRIPT]


       autopkgtest-build-qemu creates virtual machine images suitable for use with  autopkgtest's
       QEMU runner autopkgtest-virt-qemu(1).

       Under the hood, it uses vmdb2(1) to create the images.

       The  MIRROR  parameter can be used to control which distrition to install.  It defaults to (i.e. Debian), but you  can  pass  a  mirror  of  any  Debian

       The  ARCHITECTURE  parameter  controls  the  architecture  the  virtual  machine image. If
       omitted, the host architecture is assumed.

       The SCRIPT parameter specifies a user script that will be called with the root  filesystem
       of  the  image  as  its  first  parameter.  This  script  can  them  make  any  necesssary
       modifications to the root filesystem.

       It defaults to the native architecture, but you can specify  a  different  one  as  fourth

       The  path  to  a  script  to be executed inside the virtual machine root filesystem can be
       passed as the fifth parameter. The script must be a POSIX shell  script,  and  should  not
       depend  on bash-specific features. This script will be executed inside a chroot(1) call in
       the virtual machine root filesystem.

       Note that you need to call this as root.

       You can specify an apt proxy to use in the virtual machine in  the  $AUTOPKGTEST_APT_PROXY
       environment variable. If you have an apt proxy configured on the host, the virtual machine
       will automatically use this, otherwise there is no default.


       # autopkgtest-build-qemu unstable /path/to/debian-unstable.img

       $ sudo autopkgtest-build-qemu stable /path/to/debian-stable-i386.img i386

       $       sudo        autopkgtest-build-qemu        bionic        /path/to/ubuntu-bionic.img


       autopkgtest-virt-qemu(1), vmdb2(1), autopkgtest(1), /usr/share/doc/autopkgtest/.


       autopkgtest-build-qemu was written by Antonio Terceiro <>

       This  manpage  is  part  of  autopkgtest,  a  tool  for  testing  Debian  binary packages.
       autopkgtest is Copyright (C) 2006-2018 Canonical Ltd and others.

       See /usr/share/doc/autopkgtest/CREDITS for the  list  of  contributors  and  full  copying