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       circle-fe-gtk - GTK 2 frontend for the Circle IRC client


       circle-fe-gtk url


       Circle is an IRC client which merges the best attributes of a local client and the common
       screen+irssi recipe:

       ·   Keep IRC connects and state on a backend server, allowing disconnections from local

       ·   Interact with a real local GUI for the frontend, instead of incurring SSH roundtrips
           for every keypress.

       Circle uses Tangence for its underlying communications layer.

       circle-fe-gtk is a GTK 2 user interface for Circle. It needs circle-be to be installed on
       the same or a different machine in order to be useful.

       The circle-fe-gtk command accepts a single argument, a URL to the Circle backend socket.

       The URL should be one of the following:

       ·   tcp://host:port

           Connect to host:port over TCP.

       ·   exec:///path?arguments

           Execute command path with arguments.

       ·   unix:///path

           Connect to a UNIX socket path.

       ·   sshexec://host/path

           Execute command path with arguments on a remote host over SSH.

       ·   sshunix://host/path

           Connect to a UNIX socket path on a remote host over SSH.


           X11 display to connect to.


       circle-be(1), Circle(3pm)


       This manual page was written by Andrej Shadura <> for the Debian
       project (but may be used by others).

       The author of Circle is Paul Evans <>