Provided by: cscope_15.9-1_amd64 bug


       cscope-indexer - Script to index files for cscope


       cscope-indexer [-v] [-f database_file] [-i list_file] [-l] [-r]


       This  script  generates  a list of files to index (cscope.out), which is then (optionally)
       used to generate a cscope database.  You can use this script  to  just  build  a  list  of
       files,  or  it  can be used to build a list and database.  This script is not used to just
       build a database (skipping the list of files step), as this can be  simply  done  by  just
       calling "cscope -b".

       Normally,  cscope will do its own indexing, but this script can be used to force indexing.
       This is useful if you need to recurse into subdirectories, or have  many  files  to  index
       (you  can run this script from a cron job, during the night).  It is especially useful for
       large projects, which can contstantly have source files added and deleted; by  using  this
       script, the changing sources files are automatically handled.

       Currently, any paths containing "/CVS/" or "/RCS/" are stripped out (ignored).


       -f database_file
              Specifies the cscope database file (default: cscope.out).

       -i list_file
              Specifies  the  name  of  the  file into which the list of files to index is placed
              (default: cscope.files).

       -l     Suppress the generation/updating of the cscope database file.  Only a list of files
              is generated.

       -r     Recurse  into  subdirectories  to locate files to index.  Without this option, only
              the current directory is searched.

       -v     Be verbose.  Output simple progress messages.




       This  manual  page  was  written  for  the  Debian  GNU/Linux  system  by  Robert   Lemmen
       <> (but may be used by others, of course)