Provided by: cython_0.29.10-0ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       Cython - compile Cython code (.pyx) into C to build a Python extension


       cython [options] sourcefile.{pyx,py} ...


       Cython  ( is a compiler for code written in the Cython language.  Cython
       is based on Pyrex by Greg Ewing.


       -V, --version
              Display version number of cython compiler

       -l, --create-listing
              Write error messages to a listing file

       -I, --include-dir <directory>
              Search for include files in  named  directory  (multiple  include  directories  are

       -o, --output-file <filename>
              Specify name of generated C file

       -t, --timestamps
              Only compile newer source files

       -f, --force
              Compile all source files (overrides implied -t)

       -v, --verbose
              Be verbose, print file names on multiple compilation

       -p, --embed-positions
              If specified, the positions in Cython files of each function definition is embedded
              in its docstring.

       --cleanup <level>
              Release interned objects on python exit, for  memory  debugging.   Level  indicates
              aggressiveness, default 0 releases nothing.

       -w, --working <directory>
              Sets the working directory for Cython (the directory modules are searched from)

       --gdb  Output debug information for cygdb

       --gdb-outdir <directory>
              Specify gdb debug information output directory. Implies --gdb.

       -D, --no-docstrings
              Strip docstrings from the compiled module.

       -a, --annotate
              Produce a colorized HTML version of the source.

       --annotate-coverage <cov.xml>
              Annotate and include coverage information from cov.xml.

              Produce #line directives pointing to the .pyx source

              Output a C++ rather than C file.

              Generate a main() function that embeds the Python interpreter.

       -2     Compile based on Python-2 syntax and code semantics.

       -3     Compile based on Python-3 syntax and code semantics.

       --3str Compile  based  on  Python-3  syntax and code semantics without assuming unicode by
              default for string literals under Python 2.

              Change some compile time errors to runtime errors to improve Python compatibility

              Add cincluded headers to any auto-generated header files.

              Abort the compilation on the first error

       --warning-errors, -Werror
              Make all warnings into errors

       --warning-extra, -Wextra
              Enable extra warnings

       -X, --directive <name>=<value>[,<name=value,...] Overrides a compiler directive

       -E, --compile-time-env name=value[,<name=value,...] Provides compile  time  env  like  DEF
              would do.