Provided by: dablin_1.11.0-2_amd64 bug


       dablin_gtk - GTK DAB/DAB+ receiver for Linux


       dablin_gtk (options) [file]


       DABlin plays a DAB/DAB+ audio service – either from a received live transmission or from a
       stored ensemble recording (ETI-NI). Both DAB (MP2) and DAB+ (AAC-LC,  HE-AAC,  HE-AAC  v2)
       services are supported.

       The  GTK  GUI  version  in  addition  supports the data applications Dynamic Label and MOT
       Slideshow (if used by the selected service).


       -h     Show summary of options

       -d <binary>
              Use DAB live source (using the mentioned binary)

       -D <type>
              DAB live source type: "dab2eti" (default), "eti-cmdline"

       -C <ch>,...
              Channels to be listed (comma separated; requires DAB live source; an optional  gain
              can also be specified, e.g. "5C:-54")

       -c <ch>
              Channel to be played (requires DAB live source)

       -l <label>
              Label of the service to be played

       -s <sid>
              ID of the service to be played

       -x <scids>
              ID of the service component to be played (requires service ID)

       -g <gain>
              USB stick gain to pass to DAB live source (auto gain is default)

       -r <path>
              Path for recordings (default: /tmp)

       -P <size>
              Recording prebuffer size in seconds (default: 0)

       -p     Output PCM to stdout instead of using SDL

       -u     Output untouched audio stream to stdout instead of using SDL

       -I     Don't catch up on stream after interruption

       -S     Initially disable slideshow

       -L     Enable loose behaviour (e.g. PAD conformance)

       -F     Disable dynamic FIC messages (e.g. dynamic PTY)

       file   Input file to be played (stdin, if not specified)



                                            2019-06-16                              DABLIN_GTK(1)