Provided by: datalad_0.11.6-1ubuntu2_all bug


       datalad sshrun - run command on remote machines via SSH.


       datalad sshrun [-h] [-p PORT] [-n] login cmd


       This  is  a  replacement for a small part of the functionality of SSH.  In addition to SSH
       alone, this command can make use of datalad's SSH connection management. Its  primary  use
       case is to be used with Git as 'core.sshCommand' or via "GIT_SSH_COMMAND".

       Configure DATALAD.SSH.IDENTITYFILE to pass a file to the ssh's -i option.


       login  [user@]hostname.

       cmd    command for remote execution.

       -h, --help, --help-np
              show  this  help  message.  --help-np  forcefully  disables  the use of a pager for
              displaying the help message

       -p PORT, --port PORT
              port to connect to on the remote host. [Default: None]

       -n     Redirect stdin from /dev/null. [Default: False]


        datalad is developed by The DataLad Team and Contributors <>.

                                            2019-08-19                          datalad sshrun(1)