Provided by: dh-fortran-mod_0.13_all bug


       dh_fortran_mod - Install Fortran 90 .mod files and add dependency information.


       dh_fortran_mod   [--sourcedir=dir] [$<debhelper options>]


       dh_fortran_mod is a debhelper program that finds Fortran module and submodule files and
       adds dependencies to gfortran-$version as required to the package using via the variable

       dh_fortran_mod is expected to be automatically added using the debhelper "addon"
       fortran_mod ie. using the debian/rules line:

           dh $@ --with fortran_mod


           Look in the specified directory for files to be installed.

           Typically Fortran module files are included in library development packages.


           dh_fortran_mod will be expanded to find mod files automatically from the debian/tmp
           directory.  It will enable the installation of mod files in parallel for multiple
           compilers.  It will install .smod files for Fortran 2018.

           The fortran-mod file syntax follows dh_install: pairs of sources and optional target
           directories.  The default directory will be $fmoddir (
           /usr/lib/$multiarch/fortran/$compiler_mod_directory/) If the target directory is
           absolute (starts with a  '/'), this directory is used in the target package.  If the
           target  does not absolute, it will be treated as a subdirectory of $fmoddir.

           $compiler_mod_directory is based on the compiler module version: currently
           gfortran-mod-15 for gfortran-8, and flang-mod-34 for flang-7. These will be updated
           for incompatible compiler versions.  There is a symlink in $libdir/fortran/ for the
           'canonical' compiler name, linking to this, e.g.
             /usr/lib/$multiarch/fortran/x86_64-linux-gnu-gfortran-8 -> gfortran-mod-15 This
           enables makefile fragments to construct $fmoddir as required from :

             FC:=$(shell basename $(shell readlink -f /usr/bin/gfortran))
             FMODDIR:=/usr/lib/$(shell dpkg-architecture -qDEB_HOST_MULTIARCH)/fortran/$(FC)

           Its not clear what happens on module version changes in Flang/F18. While the version
           number signifies format changes, it appears the design is currently to be backward
           compatible and read previous versions.  Hence symlinks for flang handling may be




       Sebastien Villemot <> Alastair McKinstry <>

       Lots of code stolen shamelessly from dh_install (Joey Hess <>).