Provided by: directoryassistant_2.0-1.1_all bug


       directoryassistant - user friendly ldap addressbook frontend


       Directory  Assistant is a small application for managing a LDAP address book. The focus is
       to create a very easy to use program, with only the few but necessary features. The target
       is novice users that need to keep their addresses in an LDAP server.


       Configuration  is  done  by  config  file.  Since  novice  users  anyway don't know how to
       configure LDAP access, I decided to remove that from the GUI. The config file should be at
       /etc/directoryassistant or ~/.directoryassistant and should have the format:

       [My Ldap Server]
       ldapurl = ldap://
       base_dn = ou=department,ou=People,o=someorg

       extended options are:

       bind_dn = cn=someaccount,o=someorg
       bind_password = yourpassword
       add_dn = ou=myunit,ou=department,ou=People,o=someorg
       ldapversion = 3
       startup_search =


       Directoryassistant is written by Olivier Sessink