Provided by: entropybroker_2.9-3build1_amd64 bug


       eb_client_egd - export entropy data as egd server


       eb_client_egd  v1.0,  (C)  2009-2012  by  Egd-clients  can use the
       /tmp/egd.sock  unix  domain  socket.  This  should  work  with  at  least  OpenSSL:  start
       eb_client_egd  with  one of the following parameters: -d /var/run/egd-pool or -d /dev/egd-
       pool or -d /etc/egd-pool or -d /etc/entropy To  verify  that  client_egd  functions,  run:
       "openssl  rand -rand /var/run/egd-pool -out /tmp/bla 10".  It should return something like
       "255 semi-random bytes loaded" where "255" should be > 0. If it  is  zero,  check  if  the
       current user has enough rights to access the /var/run/egd-pool file.

       -i host   eb-host to connect to

       -d file   UNIX-domain socket to listen on

       -l file   log to file 'file'

       -s        log to syslog

       -n        do not fork

       -P file   file to write the PID to

       -X file   file to read the password from