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       esnacc - ASN.1 compiler which generates C/C++ code suitable for encoding/decoding BER and


       esnacc [-h] [-P] [-t] [-v] [-e] [-d] [-p] [-f] [-y] [-M] [-B] [-c] [-C] [-T table file]
       [-idl] [-I include directory] [-mm] [-mf] [-mo] [-l negative number]
       [-VDAexport=DEFINE_NAME] [-E BER|DER] [-a start number] [ASN.1 File List].SH "DESCRIPTION"

       esnacc is an enhanced version of the Sample Neufeld ASN.1 C Compiler. It takes ASN.1
       formatted sources and produces C or C++ source code for BER encode and decode routines as
       well as print and free routines for each type in the given ASN.1 modules. Alternatively,
       esnacc can produce type tables that can be used for table based/intepreted encoding and
       decoding. The type table based methods tend to be slower than their C or C++ counterparts,
       but they usually use less memory (table size vs. object code)

       Most of the 1990 ASN.1 features are parsed although some do not affect the generated code.
       Fairly rigorous error checking is performed on the ASN.1 source; any errors detected will
       be reported (printed to stderr).

       Each file in the ASN.1 file list should contain a complete ASN.1 module. ASN.1 modules
       that use IMPORTS feature will be compiled together. The generated source files will
       include each module's header file in command line order. This means it is important to
       order the modules from least dependent to most dependent on the command line to avoid type
       ordering problems. Currently, esnacc assumes that each ASN.1 file given on the command
       line depends on all of the others from the command line. No attempt is made to only
       include the header files from modules referenced in the import list for that module.

       If the target language is C, esnacc generates .c and .h files. If the target language is
       C++, esnacc generates .cpp and .h files.


           Prints a synopsis of esnacc and exits.


       Enhanced SNACC was originally written by Michael Sample, but has since been modified by
       numerous contributors.


       Copyright © 2016 Aaron Conole