Provided by: exempi_2.5.1-1_amd64 bug


       exempi - command line tool to manipulate XMP metadata


       exempi  {  -h | [ -R ] [ -X ] [ -x [ -p ] ] [ { -w | -o <file> } ] [ { -g <prop_name> | -s
       <prop_name> -v <value> }  ] } <files>


       -h: show this help

       -R: don't reconcile

       -x: dump XML

       -p: wrap XML packet wrapper. Only for -x.

       -X: file(s) is XMP

       -w: write in place. Only for -s. Not compatible with -o.

       -o <file>: file to write the output to.

       -n <ns> <prefix>: set the prefix for a namespace.

       -g <prop_name>: retrieve the value with prop_name.

       -s <prop_name> -v <value>: retrieve or get the value.

       <files> the files to read from.


       The source code hasn't been audited for security. The command line  tool  doesn't  have  a
       strong input sanity checking easier.

       Be  careful  not  to  run the tool as super-user. Be careful if you decide to use it in an
       online (web) application.

       Patches and suggestions welcome.


       Exempi is written by Hubert Figuiere

       It contains the XMP SDK written by Adobe Systems Inc.


       Exempi is licensed under the BSD license.

                                         February 10 2013                               exempi(1)