Provided by: fastx-toolkit_0.0.14-6_amd64 bug


       fastq_quality_filter - Filters sequences based on quality


       usage:  fastq_quality_filter [-h] [-v] [-q N] [-p N] [-z] [-i INFILE] [-o OUTFILE] Part of
       FASTX Toolkit 0.0.14 by A. Gordon (

       [-h]   = This helpful help screen.

       [-q N] = Minimum quality score to keep.

       [-p N] = Minimum percent of bases that must have [-q] quality.

       [-z]   = Compress output with GZIP.

       [-i INFILE]
              = FASTA/Q input file. default is STDIN.

              [-o OUTFILE] = FASTA/Q output file. default is STDOUT.  [-v]          =  Verbose  -
              report number of sequences.

       If [-o] is specified,
              report will be printed to STDOUT.

              If  [-o]  is  not  specified (and output goes to STDOUT), report will be printed to

       [-Q N] = FASTQ ASCII offset. Default is 33.


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